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taylor; twenty-one. mermaid in disguise. "This house, not equipped for kids, okay? I eat cereal out of wine glasses!"

happy birthday antonella!

this is nothing close to the beautiful graphics you produce (i.e. the ones you’ve made me), but i hope you’ll feel some sort of warmth when you look at it since i tried to embody a few of your favorite things/stuff you love, combined with your favorite time of the year. this is a little late for your timezone, but i hope your birthday went wonderfully! you’re a lovely person who deserves lovely things. we’ve been friends for years and i just love you and talking to you. you’re a staple on my dash and the absolute best person to run blogs with and fangirl with. here’s to many more days filled with fangirling together.

p.s. in honor of your birthday, i am personally kidnapping ryan murphy and tying him up in my closet until he gives us an ahs: coven deserving of your viewership.